Thursday, May 19, 2016

A long wait is finally rewarded with a massive update!

Hi everyone following the game. You'll notice that I neglected to update the blog for a long time. Life got in the way with a new job and another game that is also near completion. I have also gotten distracted by miniatures and life in general but after getting some final components from the players involved, it's finally ready to finish up and clean up the scenario rules for proper play testing.

I can't promise that I will be able to stay on top of this blog given various distractions, even now I'm sneaking this in at work. Basically here is where the game stands: All of the system rules are complete. They need some editing and production but they are otherwise done. You may always message me if you wish to have access to the google documents. You could make your own DIY copy.

I'm thrilled that I get to share some of the components with you here, but just as important as the components are the people who made it possible. So here is a long thank you letter sprinkled with some content from the upcoming game

Kevin Zucker: I've only been wargaming for around a year and the first not-John Tiller wargame I played was Napoleon against Russia and I was blown away by its elegance and historical accuracy. Kevin was gracious and kind enough to allow me to both research and playtest for his game Napoleon's Last Gamble and in addition, encouraged me to work on my first game agreeing to let me use the core of his The Library of Napoleonic Battles system. What Kevin sparked in me was a whole new medium for me to explore after beating the dead horse over and over again that is being a musician. I am forever grateful, this game is dedicated to him for his encouragement and graciousness.

Angela Sutton for her selfless and incredibly awesome counter art contribution. She went through several annoying changes that were all my fault but blew these final counters out the water. They are beautiful and functional, I cant wait to get and clip a set as soon as possible. I should also mention I played my first full campaign game of Zucker's The Last Success with her, where I somehow through an unbelievable string of luck stopped napoleon before the battle of Eckmuhl again, even with Charles convulsing constantly. One of the best gaming memories I have.

Alyssa Faden for the the beautiful and excessively playable map of Sedan. Getting an accurate picture of Sedan in 1870 was a monumental task. Several sources have differentiating descriptions of the terrain and the map went through an incredible amount of changes. Figuring out the railways and what was scrub as opposed to genuine woodland was unbelievably frustrating for the both of us but Alyssa came through with one of the most functional and uniquely gorgeous maps I've ever seen. Throughout the process, even when I was broke and had no money whatsoever and unemployed, she still worked on the map.

I have a friend I met over Steam in Germany I played many John Tiller games with, he gave me the correct names for the German units and helped with some primary German sources, I think his name is Mathias, he is very Prussian. Pierre Dpz also translated the sprawling French order of battle, I think he also makes games or similar media?

Playtesters Keith Tracton and Leslie (I think that's his name? I'll find out soon) for their playing of the game with a very very rough map based off of google earth, it was barely playable but their input made it possible to refine and tighten the game. Herman Luttman also was incredibly kind in providing me with valuable advice (from another master designer no less) along with Bruce Wiegel who is building another game on Sedan but with miniatures who had a lot of valuable research into the map. Matthew Baumgartner also provided useful research into the terrain and operational implications they posed.

The game has some beta playtesting to go, in addition to scenario creation (scenario rules are the biggest thing lacking right now, was waiting on a hex map and just got it. waiting to print out my own copy or get on vassal,) and a further fleshing out of the mechanics behind demoralization. I will try to be better about posting to here when new things come up.

As of yet the game still does not have a publisher because I don't think its ready to send out yet (this is my first wargame.) But if you would like to contribute you can comment here and I will share with you components to make your own copy, you can do that as of now whenever you want. Allen Dickerson has graciously offered to contribute a Vassal module which will make finding playtest opponents very easy granted people want to play.